Finding the Best With a Recruiter

By FCS | November 9, 2018

Many employees take time in the last quarter of the year to think about their jobs, with or without a recruiter. Whether it is an evaluation of your own performance, your employer, your work culture – now is the time many of us think back on how our careers are going and decide if we want to start the new year with a new job.


If you are considering a new job, career or locum tenens opportunity, what is the best way to find it? There are a lot of benefits to working with an employment recruiter. Here are some scenarios where you should consider using a recruiter:

You Have a Wish List

Looking for a more stable employer that offers a great work culture? Recruiters strive to build long-lasting relationships with employers and their clients. If you have a dream job, a wish list, or maybe just one very important employment requirement, a recruiter has researched company cultures to avoid placements that may not fit your work style.

When You’ve Hit the Wall

If your phone isn’t ringing for interviews and employment emails aren’t flooding your inbox, consider using a recruiter to broaden your job search. Access the insights of someone who has updated information about your field, current pay scales and specifics about companies.

You Feel Like You are Getting Passed Up

Feel like only other employees get the plum opportunities? Some companies only use recruiters to hire new employees. Recruiters save companies search time and money by using recruiters. Your recruiter will know if you would fit into a certain company and will put your resume in the right hands. Also, if you are in a high-level position (or are seeking one), those jobs are not always advertised. A recruiter has contacts in industries and at companies you might not even be aware of.

You Need Some Solid Advice – Recruiter to the Rescue!

Sometimes you need someone to help create a strategy that best fits your requirements. The right recruiter is a great partner who can provide logical guidance throughout your relationship. From the search, to the interview, salary negotiation and beyond, a recruiter’s experience is very valuable to a job seeker. The recruiter’s job is to link employees to employers in best-case situations. A recruiter wants to make people happy because that is how he keeps his job! Establishing rapport with job seekers as well as employers is key to how a recruiter finds success year-over-year in his employment.

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