Different is Beautiful: How Leveraging Individual Strengths Expands Perspective and Experience

By FCS | March 18, 2020

It’s easy to see similarities and differences between ourselves and others while interacting – but
often people find differences as an unwelcome challenge, a point of tension, or as grounds to
disengage and declare that they’re “too different” for the connection to ever prove mutually
beneficial or “make sense”.

But, what if we viewed differences in a positive light? Rather, what if we saw differences as an
opportunity to expand our perspective and enhance our human experience? After all, there isn’t
much we can learn from a carbon-copy of ourselves, someone whose experience mirrors ours.

There is, however, much that can be learned from someone who is opposite us, whose reality is
far from anything we can comprehend.

What if we celebrated our differences and approached them with an open mind?

Every individual brings a unique set of strengths and weaknesses to the table. Where we might
thrive, another may struggle. Where we might experience difficulty, our counterparts may move
effortlessly. The word “differences” carries with it a negative connotation, when it should be
viewed as an opportunity to more fully round out our own perspectives and experiences.

If we were to stop resisting our differences, and leverage them to help one another learn and
grow, the threshold for achievement would be rendered boundless. The opportunity to see what
you see through a different lens, and see it approached in a way your own line of thinking
wouldn’t have perceived, can be eye-opening and evolutionary.

Experiencing and observing the methodical routine of someone who operates differently than us
opens us up to new ways of thinking and can enhance the way we see the world, solve
problems, and interact on a human level. Our differences are the root of our expanded
consciousness and the forward progression of our society – and the more we channel our
unique strengths together, the more united and unstoppable we will become.

Different is Beautiful

Embracing different is simply beautiful – and when exercised with respect, tact, and
discernment, we become a stronger, more capable collective. Celebrate differences, celebrate
similarities, and approach both with an open mind to expand your perspective and your
experience. Our differences can make the world a better, more interesting place if we’ll let them.



Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

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