The Benefits of Using a Management Tool for Productivity

By FCS | November 12, 2020

Whether you are working from home or going into the office, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to have a streamline of communication between co-workers. Using a management tool allows you to track projects, communicate and schedule deadlines for everyone to see. People are also dividing their time between different devices and it’s important you find the right management tool that’s compatible with your computer, tablet and phone.

So, why is it so important to start using a management tool?…dah dah dah dahhh – Productivity!

Being productive will always outweigh being busy. Being organized is always valued more than staying late at the office. Use your time wisely and use tools that help you throughout the day, so that you can leave knowing you’ve done the best work you can.

What are the best management tools to use?

  • There are a number of great management tools out there and it’s just about finding the right one for you. is a colorful, coordinated tool that allows you to create and edit your day the way you want it. Whoever you want to review your schedule, meetings or projects, you can simply invite them and give them access to make notes.
  • ClickUp is a very similar tool but reviews have noted how well it works across different devices. Switching between a desktop computer to a phone is no problem and the ability to access it easily can help, especially during this chaotic time.

Tips on using your management tool.

Make time: Take time in your day to really familiarize yourself with the management tool. It will take a couple of hours to customize your calendar, write notes about projects and add your contacts. If you dedicate the time when you initially set up your management tool, it will save hours out of your week. 

Calendar events: Having the ability to schedule your calendar events, meetings and  projects is incredibly handy when you can do it all in one tool. You can be alerted to upcoming events/meetings and it can supply previously written notes for a presentation.

Whether you enjoy keeping track of your day or not, habitually entering in your tasks and ticking them off has been known to improve productivity. Especially when many people are working from home these days, this streamline of information is so important.

Try it for a week and if you don’t like it, then all you have done is learned some valuable task management skills. But we don’t think you’ll delete it.


Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

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