The Absence of Snow

Every year I look out the window and remember seeing white. In my memories from childhood, the ground would be.

Creating an Awe-some Holiday Season

Holidays aren’t for everyone. The idea that a society-appointed holiday will fit everyone’s needs is a little unrealistic. Valentine’s Day.

Advantages of Locum Tenens Opportunities

What you are thankful for this holiday season? According to a 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the average employee.

Finding the Best With a Recruiter

Many employees take time in the last quarter of the year to think about their jobs, with or without a.

The Over and Under on Sensitivity, Part II

“You cannot make everyone think and feel as deeply as you do. This is your tragedy, because you understand them,.

The Over and Under on Sensitivity

I’ve heard it a million times. You’re too sensitive. You’re being over-sensitive. You’re making too big of a deal about.

Self-Care: Rejuvenation Beach

The idea of self-care can be rather foreign to many people. I’ve heard people say they don’t have time to.

How Uber Brought Conversation Back to My Vacation

It all started with my first Uber ride over Labor Day weekend in downtown Chicago. Despite taking several trips over.

RSVP…or not

If you’ve ever sent invitations for a party that included the beautiful French phrase “Répondez s’il vous plait,” you probably.